Samsung’s mobile phone is Real or Fake?

If Smartphones are talked then it would not be wrong to say that most of the people who like to take the devices across the world are Samsung but most of us waste thousands of rupees to buy a Samsung Smartphones that is fake. At present, he seems to be Samsung devices but it is not prepared by the South Korean company. If you want to avoid such fraud so next time buy a phone call from Samsung, take care of these thing. Display most models of Samsung have been given an AMOLED display and that’s the difference between real and fake. Such a display is of a bright black color, fake devices generally show gray, blue via brown display. Please enter this secret code to check your phone *#7353#.  Real Samsung Galaxy phone will open a special application testing menu which helps to test screen, speaker and other function of the phone. ID number printed under the battery table model, serial number and IMEI occur. If you enter this code *#06#, the IMEI appears to the screen and serial number can also be seen.

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