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Our Mission And Policy:

There are many Websites on the Internet about online computer education and many Instructors are working online and running their projects, I visits daily basis many websites on the internet who related to online computer education, But one thing I can’t found which is very important known as easy and fast training. So I have decided to make an online computer educational Website which purpose is providing authentic, easy, fast and reliable training to our viewers, students, and everyone who want to get knowledge. In December 2015 I trying to do something new or easy to the internet and finally in January 2016 I have started work on my website by the name of ( I have created many videos which you can check by visiting my YouTube channel ( There are many students who wants to learn computer but they have not more money or time, so this Website can helps all peoples who cannot spend more time and money on learning. Our mission is that provide online education to needy peoples and giving success in his/her life because education is basic right of every person. We are also working on complete computer courses which we will provide through DVDs on your homes we wants to gives these courses all abilities to change your life. Our all courses would be completed and specially very easy to learn.


Important Notice:

This is most important to knows everyone that ( is a online computer education Website, we offers complete computer courses in DVDs, and our dozens of video tutorials are available to the internet in simple Urdu language, But we are not providing any Certificates or Degrees so keep in mind that we just offers complete courses not certificates or degrees.


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We protect our and your privacy and save all copyright contents. Please don’t copy any content from this website. We are here to solve your problems anyone can contact us by sending email (Email Address: Please keep follow our rules to giving success us also.