How to Make Money from PayDiamond?

Today every person wants to earn as much money because money fulfills the basic needs of every human being. The only difference is that a person earns a lot of money and a person is very less. Today I will try to tell you in this article that how you can earn money online with the help of internet also after a little bit of investment. Friends there are many ways to earn money online from which you can earn but if I  tell you that there is one thing in which you do not have to do any work just to earn money if you believe me will not do it but this is true. Today I will tell you about a company that is in Hong Kong and doing business in the whole world many people are earning good money with this company. If you want you can make thousands and lacks rupees sitting at home easily without any hard work.

Now I tell you about this company and I have made a video tutorial in this regard so that you can properly understand all its way.

A company located in Hong Kong and this company is named Paydiamond. Carloz Luiz is the Administrative Director and Owner of this company and they have a 27 years experience in network marketing. This company deals with diamond and you will know that diamond is counted in the world’s most expensive things. These people prepare a very precious diamond with our invested amount and sell again in the market, and then a large portion of whatever profit comes to us. You can choose your package plan for one year and you can get money regularly every weak according to your package plan.

paydiamond process

Company Security

Many people relate to the security of the company asking questions that there will be no fraud on us and what is the guarantee that our invested amount will not be lost? So I want to tell you that initially, I had been very difficult to believe in it, but when I did complete research on myself, I found that it is a safe platform from which we would there be no problem and this can give us a lot of benefits. Today a lot of people are making money on this platform. I have also collected all the documents regarding this company for you so that people can decide themselves by studying them.

paydiamond registration details

paydiamond certificate

paydiamond company details

paydimond mine registry

paydiamond mine registry

paydiamond licence

Packages Details

This company provides four great packages to its clients on which you have to invest. You can also take your money according to your package plan.

Note: If you want, you can get your diamond after six months completing and if you do not want to get diamond, then you can receive money whole year.

  • Joy: <Investment 200$> <Weekly bonus 10$> <25 Weeks 250$> <50 Weeks 500$>
  • Light: <Investment 400$> <Weekly bonus 20$> <25 Weeks 500$> <50 Weeks 1000$>
  • Plus: <Investment 1200$> <Weekly bonus 60$> <25 Weeks 1500$> <50 Weeks 3000$>
  • Master: <Investment 3600$> <Weekly bonus 180$> <25 Weeks 4500$> <50 Weeks 9000$>

Total Profit In One Year By Packages In Pakistani Rupees:

  • Joy: <PKR 33000>
  • Light: <PKR 66000>
  • Plus: <PKR 198000>
  • Master: <PKR 594000>

paydiamond packages

Startup Bonus (Direct Bonus)

paydiamond startup bonus

Binary Bonus Details

paydiamond binary bonus

How to Withdrawal?

paydiamond withdrawal

Rewards and Rankings

paydiamond rewards and ranking





Successful Achievers and Seniors:

paydiamond rank achievers

black diamonds

Video Tutorial (Complete Guide)

 For Joinings and Participation (Buy Package):

Mobile/Whatsapp: 0333 3937328

Email: <> <>

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