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WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) It is a system of managing contents. It is basically used for Creating, Designing and Developing Websites or Blogs. We can manage our Website with GUI means (Graphical User Interface) with this CMS System and can make any kind of Websites. It is a system of controlling and managing our contents of any our Websites. WordPress is a great and open source program and anyone can contribute. This amazing system is purely created by PHP and it’s also Supported third party application. In WordPress we can make any kind of our Professional, Business and E-Commerce Websites or Blogs. It is very easy to use and stable also. Peoples World Wide use this Tool and recently Peoples using average in the World in Millions and Billions. Designers feel amazing with working on it. Once more amazing benefit is this is absolutely free/open source and anyone can use it freely. It is most Dynamic Tool. Using WordPress User can Control all things of creating and managing blog or their contents because all controls will be in the hands of User.

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There are many themes available on the internet of WordPress. Theme basically known as overall look of any Blog/Website. it is also important because good design is major part of any website. Mostly themes are available free but it is depends on developer requirements to buying theme or using free themes. Difference between Free and Paid are simple, Paid Themes have these Functionalities These are supports more Features and More effective, More responsive, Mobile friendly, SEO friendly, Viruses free and many more other Features included depends on theme provider. But free themes is opposite than Paid Themes but for newbie’s free themes is not bad deal.

Note: How to download and install free blogger themes


Plugins are known as some Tools in this (Content Management System). Many tools are available in the shape of Plugins. We can add many Plugins of our choice Like: Social Media Sharing Buttons, Audio/Video Plugins, Contact Forms, and many more Plugins we can install to adding any kind of affects in our Website/Blog. It actually control our website performance in different categories, for example if we want to count daily website visitors or we want to share our post via visitors so we can use Plugins of related our needs.

How To Install

There are two ways to installing WordPress first is installing it on computer by making an offline server it is known as (LocalHost) in our computer and second is installing it at Online Server by Purchasing Domain/Hosting from good Web Hosting Provider then Install it on the Website which is on online server.

Some Features

The most amazing benefit of this (Content Management System) is that it is easy to use anyone can use it. It is free and powerful. We works on it without any Codes Writing. Its Plugins save our time and money. We can install responsive themes online. Also free Plugins are available for Improving Website with different Tools.

What should you already know?

If you want to Learn it then you should have some basic Information about CSSHTMLJavaScript and something about Internet. But which web programming languages I mentioned these are all actually Optional and don’t worry if You don’t know any one of these so You can Learn it from my Free Video Tutorials. But this is not must but if you have Basic Information then this is Excellent.

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