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PHP is a Famous Server Side Scripting Language in the World of Web Development. We can also said it is a Tool or Software. Good thing is that this is absolutely free and open source language. This basically Run on Web server because PHP is pure server-side scripting language this means all source code executed on server. Any one can freely use it for purposes of web development. It is originally stands for Personal Home Pages. PHP works on all operating systems like (Linux, Mac, Unix, Windows) and so on. WordPress (CMS System) is purely design in this language. It is also support all major servers who is mostly used like (IIS, and Apache) etc. If you want to carry-one with this language so you should have basic information about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What We Can Do in PHP:

  • We can make Dynamic Websites
  • We can collect data from user using PHP
  • Using PHP insert, modify and delete data from our databases
  • Sending and Receiving Cookies
  • We can make Software’s, Counters, Image Sliders, Clock, etc in PHP
  • We can perform mathematical calculations
  • Easily make social networking websites like (Facebook, Twitter) etc.
  • We can easily make Online shopping and E-Commerce Websites

History Of PHP:

First version was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf for the purposes of creating dynamic and powerful websites. But we can also used as a general web programming purposes. It was updated since January 2013 and add more functionalities on this. 5.5 is latest version count. This was installed more than 240 millions of websites and quantity of web servers was 2.1 million.

What is MySQLi?

MSQLi (i for improved) is basically RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System that is Structure Query Language this is also free & open source. In any scripting or development language database is always necessary for storing data in server. MYSQLi is very important component in PHP & mostly used to Storing data on web server. You can manipulate and connect the databases in PHP using MYSQLi and that means it plays a very important role of database connectivity with user and server on web. It is fast and easy to using. MYSQLi is distributed and Oracle supported. We can also use another databases like Ms Access or Oracle etc.

How PHP Works:

All source code will be written in anywhere inside the HTML but it require web server to execute query. It is basically installed on server where it perform their work by developer & show result in browser of visitor. Query is similar with Java and ASP & can be written inside HTML document in any section HTML tags like <head> or <body> etc For example:

<? php

Write Something For Output


Final Summary:

It is pure server-side scripting language today’s mostly used in web development & support large range of databases it has useful text processing features. Recently full abbreviation is hypertext processor. So this is simple article i hope it will helpful for you.

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