Introduction To HTML with Videos

HTML is a Web Designing Language which is used to create Web Pages this actually specifies that how Web Page should be displayed in a Browser. The full form of HTML is (Hypertext Markup Language) basically it is used to create Web Document that can be accessed over the World. It was Developed in 1990 and since then it has been revised and re-Developed hundreds of times. The first Version of this Language was discovered in 1990 and the second important Standard of HTML is very Powerful and has all functionalities to making a Simple but attractive Websites. In this Language we can embed another Dynamic Languages like JavaScript (Client Side Scripting Language). CSS and PHP (Server Side Scripting Language)  for making our Website Attractive and Professional. We can create complete structure of our website in HTML document and get output on web browser. HTML is a backbone of any other web programming Languages and this is static and loose language we can simply Design and Developed a basic Web Page in the HTML.


HTML Can Do It

We can control the appearance of our page and content.
Publish online documents and receive information online using hyperlinks inserted in the HTML document.
We can insert Pictures, Music, Videos, ActiveX Components and Java Applets in HTML document.
We can create simple Website Layouts.
We can create Image Galleries.

How It Works

Working on HTML You first need one text editor and there are many text editors are available on internet absolutely free for example: Dreamweaver and You can also write HTML codes in Your Simple notepad software which is always available in Your Computer. But I Specially refer to use Notepad++ because it is suitable text-editor for it. HTML Commands are called Tags. Tags are used to control the content and appearance of the HTML document. Opening Tag is “<>” pair of brackets and closing Tag is represented as “</>” to indicate the end of command. All source code You will write in text editor and will save it by .html extension for example, (filename.html) The document is a series of Tags and Elements that specifies how a Page is to be displayed. The browser reads the .htm / .html file and displays the Page according to specified instructions.

basic html syntax

What You Will Learn

Some Basics
Basic Tags
Insert Images
Creating Forms

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