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CSS is a web programming Client Side Scripting Language basically used to create dynamics on our Web Pages. It stands for (Cascading Style Sheets) used to create Web Pages. CSS can be used to design html structure with defining styles in different methods. It describes the formatting of our contents. We can works on CSS with its three different methods. It is loose type language. It is a book of styles and can be embedded in the HTML document in this case it is called a embedded Style Sheet. We can design html document professionally and easily. We can convert out simple html document to dynamics using CSS and this is great option to make something unique. As every buddy knows that today mostly website are visits from mobile phones so using CSS we can easily make our website responsive and mobile friendly also.  I have created complete video tutorials to learn more and deeply discuss its all methods and mechanism for adding styles on our html web pages.

Some History

First version of CSS was introduced by w3.org and was released in 1996. It is used since HTML used. The second version was released in 2010 by w3.org and third version was introduced in 2012 and recently it become a standard of all important browsers like (Mozilla, Chrome) and other web browsers. The importance of latest version that this is dynamically worked. Means we can specify the color, size or design of our content.

How It Works

A CSS defines styles that can be applied to web pages or elements. A Cascading Style Sheet is a set of rules. A rule defines style of the document. There are three important methods of CSS, The External Method, The Internal Method and third is The Inline Method. In external method we create a separate CSS file and define styles and finally call it in main html document in inside the Title <link rel=”stylesheet” href =”style.css”>. In internal method we define all styles in main index document inside the Title and the third is inline method and in this method we write CSS code inside html tags by this way <p style = “color:red;”>This is Inline Example</p>. If we talk about priorities so browser will give top priority to Inline Method and first pick Inline Method to show output.

Some Features

  • We can Make professional Website Layouts
  • We can easily create amazing Animations
  • We can create vertical and Horizontal menus
  • We can create professional drop down menus
  • Make custom objects and shapes
  • We can create beautiful picture galleries
  • Now we can make Templates of Websites
  • We can easily Shadow our Text

Videos To Learn More:

Final Summary:

This language can be help us to creating custom objects and designing our Website using their selectors, properties and values if we have hundred of sites then we can apply only one Style Sheet to all websites this is amazing functionality of this language. We will also upload Videos and discuss practically all about this language soon.

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