jQuery Training With Example

jQuery is a most popular library of JavaScript. It is lightweight which aims to “write less do more”. jQuery is easy to use from JavaScript we can easily use JavaScript by using JQ. jQuery is basically used for web development and projects. Its library consists of HTML, Ajax, Animations and Effects, HTML event methods, HTML DOM Manipulation, Image Slider and so on. On the internet most biggest companies recently using jQuery on the web because it is extendable and popular. One of the best benefit of this library that you will not write more coding like JavaScript just “do more and write less”.

Downloading and Installation:

Downloading is very easy just visit website of <http://jquery.com>¬†then select version of your choice then download file. After downloading file you will add it file in HTML document in the tag of <script> in head section Here is Example:¬†<head><script src = “file-name.js”></script></head>

After mention file we can perform developments. File must be in a format of JS.


  • We can set events to any object.
  • We can make image slider who automatically changed with time.
  • We can set animations to any object.
  • We can use all JavaScript with less coding with more work.
  • We can create menus, buttons, styling text and much more.

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