How To Earn Money From YouTube

YouTube is a most famous worldwide video sharing place on the internet available in the shape of website. It was founded in year 2005. It’s all videos can be access on Mobiles, Laptops, Computers, Tablets etc. There are millions of videos are available on YouTube and day by day uploading ratio going to increased. Anyone can upload video and share it to social media.

YouTube provide us a best forum to create our original content and connect peoples for the purposes of information and business. We can easily search videos by using its search option and via filter option. We can easily create playlist to manage videos separately with together.


How to create YouTube Channel:

Now after some introduction let’s talk about creating account so if you have not any account first you should have this. If you want to create your own channel you need a account of YouTube. Google is owner of YouTube so if you have Google email then Sign-In with your email in YouTube otherwise make new email address by fill some details on ( then Sign-In.

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How to Make Money via YouTube?

There are many ways to earn money online and anyone can make money online by following different ways. It is possible on internet to making money from YouTube. let’s check how we can earn. First of all create one original video and upload it to your channel, remember that all content must be your own secondly enable monetisation on your channel setting, after enabling monetisation connect Google Adsense account with your channel. This is most important to connect your hosted Google Adsense account with your channel to making money.

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How to Make Hosted Adsense Account:

When you enabled monetisation just go to channel setting click monetisation option now click how will i be paid and then click associate an adsense account, after selecting this click next button again next and now you can easily make new hosted adsense account by filling form with correct information.

Earnings ratio is 5$ to 10$ 1000 views. All payment comes from advertisers who will pays Google to show advertisement on your videos and gives 55% user and keep 45%. Don’t click on ads yourself.

Copyright policy is most strong so one thing always remember that all content must be your own. You can make your own content via many ways. Everyone have authority to complain YouTube to band any account so don’t copy other channels content for your channel otherwise your channel have many chances to block.

Watch Video Tutorial:


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