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Google Adsense is actually a cost per click advertising program. You can earn money by allowing to add advertise on site with help of some html content. This is the easiest way to earn money with Google. You can easily make money with Adsense by targeting such ads which are related to your website content. You can abruptly make money by allowing the Adsense spiders to have a clear view of your website content. They will gather information from your website content and will check their ads. Relevant ads will be posted on your website and you will be getting Google Adsense Earnings. It’s an easiest way to earn money with Google because while sitting at home depending on the number of clicks and doing zero effort you won the points to earn money. For example if someone is viewing your website, he would definitely like to have a view of the ad related to the content. The ad can be of any tool related to the website content. So it benefits both the website owner and the client. It’s a fastest and easiest two-way google adsense warnings.

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How it works?

Now the question arises that how to make money by it with the help of it? Its working totally depends on the advertisers. Their function is to choose keywords which they are intending to advertise on. For example I want to advertise tool related to writing so how will I use it to earn money online? I will bid on specific keywords like”writing,writing tools,checking mistakes, checking vocabulary,checking English,etc”. After this the adsense spiders will match my ads with those keywords which users generally type on Google search bar and then show them on the top and right of the results bar or websites which allow them to display ads like we are talking here the case of your website where you are curious of how to make money online. The Robots or adsense spiders will crawl the data on your site and will provide yours content information to the adsense folks. If the bid keywords of ad and website keywords match then ads as I gave the example of writing tools will be shown on your site next to your article related to writing tools.

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How to apply for Google Adsense to make money online?

  • Your website should be stunning. There should be a precious resources in it. Your website content should be original. This is the golden way to make money online by approval of google adsense. I will personally recommend to write atleast 40 good articles of 500 words before applying for Google adsense. This is one of the good ways to make money. Your theme or site should be extra-ordinary. It should be of enhanced quality. You should design some logo which would be a bonus point to get acceptance of google adsense. If you can’t ford much just spend 5$ for generic theme and make it look prettier with your logo. You need to put a keen eye on your layouts, logo etc before you submit your application to Google for adsense and make sure you haven’t applied before for the same website before for google adsense.
  • You can apply online by providing your website URL, name, contact number, email address, mailing address. Make sure that you enter correct details. Recheck before submission to become candidate of google adsense earnings.
  • You will have to wait for approximately 24 to 48 hours. You will receive an email from google which would be actually an explanation of the process to earn money with google. You will be given permission to place ads on your website. Your account will show you details of every click and revenue. You need to keep this thing in mind that Google is monitoring your activity, It will detect if you yourself try to earn money by clicking ads on your own. The most important thing to be noted is this that you can easily get google adsense earnings by using the same adsense code on all your websites , it means that you don’t need to verify your account again and again.
  • Before payment make sure to verify PIN, bank account, tax information and your contact number. Google will send you via email a PIN verification which will approximately take 10 days. Don’t try to rush. Meanwhile verify your bank accout number and don’t forget to submit your tax information. The name of the bank account should be the same as the name you have applied with. The best way to get paid by google adsense is ACH. For this purpose you need to provide your bank account number alongwith your routing number. Google will do some test deposit of a few cents. You need to put this amount into your Google adsense account to complete the verification process. This is the best way to earn money, monthly. If you haven’t verified your phone number before then Google will do a test call with an automated code provided to you. You need to input the code to earn money with google.
  • Last but not least never ever click ads by yourself and don’t ask anyone else to click on your ads. This will create a great problem to earn money online. Your account can be permanently disabled. 

Google adsense privacy policy:

If you are using Google Adsense program you need to follow all its requirements and create favourable terms and conditions of the program. It is essential for all Adsense publishers to have a privacy policy on their sites which assure google adsense earnings.  Every country, institution and organization has some policies similarly to make money with adsense , google also has some set of rules and regulations,I am mentioning the major points regarding this matter which is actually a most important answer of the question of how to make money on the internet using google adsense.

  • The privacy of visitors on site name should be worth of importance. Personal information should not be sold to the third parties.
  • Your website should be able to collect and use the data present in log files.Information in the log files should possess IP address, ISP and the browser where you will visit the site.It also contains the time when the website is visited and which pages are visited on the website.
  • Cookies are used to store information, this could be the personal performances on visiting the website. Third party advertisements can be used to support the site.
  • In order to earn money online DART cookies can be used. This cookie is used to serve those ads which are specific to your interests. And these ads will be served according to the previous browsing history. You can also disable these cookies with the help of browser settings or by managing preferences in your programs. Deleting cookies doesn’t mean that you are permanently opting out of google adsense earnings. The very next time when you will visit the website which is running the advertisements, you will see the addition of a new cookie. These all are the easiest ways to earn money online.

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