How to get Website on the First Page of Google

Google’s largest search engines are considered to the world and millions of peoples use it on their daily basis for their different purposes. This is so fast that all the search results show us in just a few seconds. In this article , I will share you many useful information, and by following these information you can also rank your website on Google first page. Seo (Search engine optimization) is a process that allows  you to rank your website in Google. Seo is actually big topic, as long as the websites exist in the world, search engine optimization will still exist. Let’s try to learn from the tutorial which ten ways you can promote your website by implementing it.

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Research keywords:

The first and the basic thing that is very important for Google search ranking is that once you are interested in writing the topic you want to write, check it out once that how many people’s are searching for it. There are many keyword research tools on the internet, but Google has its own tool called Google Keyword Planner and I will suggest you use this tool. Here you will be able to get ideas of keywords based on the same topic and according to this, you can enter the locations that are being searched for. The special thing about this tool in that here you can find the numbers of your keyword monthly searches, and with this, competitor information and keyword advertising costs also get a lot of ideas. In this tool you can choose your topic with the help of keywords and for the good ranking, add your keywords to the article in your website.

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Make quality contents:

It is very important for success in seo that whatever the content contained on your website, whether it’s article or a photo or a video or anything else, the quality of these all things should be best. If we talk of the article, there should be at least 500 to 1000 words article, when you have to write it, you are in ownership. If you do not want to write the article yourself, then you can hire any freelancer that can write a great deal for you.

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Website structure:

This is a topic that is important to talk about, because when a visitor visits your website, it looks at it structure. A variety of popup ads appears on many sites that actually ruins its structure. These things are not useful for your visitor and especially search engine. The design of your site should be very simple and easy, which your visitors feel interested in. Take special care of these things.

About page:  Create an about us page and enter all the information about yourself or your team.

Contact us: Use a contact us form plug-in in this page or enter your email address so that users can contact you easily.

Privacy policy: Create a page privacy policy that includes all your site policies.

Site map: If possible, the site map in your site should add, so that all visitors can reach all your pages.

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Mobile friendly:

As we all knows that in time the quantity of people using mobile phones is increasing day by day. That’s why it’s important that your website should be responsive. The way it looks like it looks fit on the computer screen, it looks like a whole fit on mobile phones, because it is also a necessary process for a Google page rank.

Make right images:

Pictures can play a vital role in ranking your website. That’s why a few things are very important. Remember to create images that match the topic and write some of the things similar to the subject in the pictures. Take care of the other thing if you are working on wordpress, enter the proper alt text and some description. This way when Google system crawl images, your images will appear when they searched. Users like this can easily call on your website by clicking on the image.

Install plug-in (All in one seo pack):

If you are working on wordpress, you can use this plug-in named All in one seo pack. It’s absolutely free tool and it’s very easy to use. This plug-in is directly related to the search engine. When you install it and activate it, all it’s settings is available in your wordpress dashboard. If you do not know much about Seo, then you do not have to change its default settings, however, whenever you post a new article, you will have to provide your article title and description with the help of this plug-in, but remember that in two places, take care of the keyword density.

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Interlinking is a great option for the maximum page views of any website, with this user can access different pages on your site and can spend time. In this, you add links to your website’s page in your articles. The number of pages that link to your site increases the scope of your site. I would suggest that you make the links more relevant to the topic, so the clicks on it will be more likely.

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