How to Easily Make Facebook Banner

Everyone who use Facebook account or YouTube channel who want to make their top banner/cover Photo attractive and beautiful but sometimes many problems near you For Example, size problem unfit or others so that’s why people use unattractive cover photos which is not looking good. But in this section I will teach you that how You can easily make your favorite Facebook Cover Photos and YouTube Channel banner without any software or setting any size so read this article carefully I will also teach You that how You can create and design cover photos with software with custom way. I have also created video tutorial to learn more and discuss about it and have practically teach that how we actually do it.

facebook cover size

Banner is known as a Photo which shows the category and design in shape of banner on top your Facebook Page or Profile. It shows contents as your custom designation it is also known as covers. When Peoples open any Page or Channel so first they watch Cover Photos. So it is very important for your contents impression in view of Peoples that you must make your online contents attractive and user friendly.

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How to create automatically

Now first thing is first you want to create Facebook Banner or YouTube banner automatically so you can do it easily by visit this Website ( In this website you can not only create Free Facebook Cover Photos or YouTube banner however you can also create other things like Cards, Magazine covers, Invitations, Posters, Flyers, Facebook ads and much more. It is very easy to use and a online tool of Cover Photo Maker. Just visit and select your favorite you want to make and click get started and start making. This site provide large quantity of templates with different categories like education and others, it also provide clip arts, backgrounds, Text which You can include your covers and You can also choose any image from Your computer to include it on Banners.

How to create with software

If you want to create with custom way so it is also a better and professional way to create something new. There are many graphics designing software’s are available to create any kind of custom Facebook or YouTube covers and anything. I specially refer Adobe Photoshop CS5 to make it because I am also use it for my Graphics creations. But if You are beginner so You can also use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 it is also a best software to create Facebook or YouTube Banners and others. Just open it and click File menu then click New or press CTRL+N, now set width and height of your banner and click ok now start designing after complete designing save it to your computer and use it to anywhere. remember size must be exact otherwise it will not fit exactly. Remember sizes Facebook Cover photo size is in width 828 pixels and height is 315 pixels. YouTube banner size is in width 2560 pixels and height is 1440 pixels and save it with maximum file size of 2 MB.

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