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Corel Draw is a software and a complete package of graphics designing which is used to design any kind of creativity like logos, banners, brochures, pictures and any kind of custom creations. Corel Draw is a vector graphics designing program for example if we have draw a custom shape or line so it is called vector. This program was developed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa in Canada. Corel Draw is perfect for any graphics designing solutions or creativity. This software provides us powerful tools for making shapes, lines, web-based graphics, business cards, beautiful logos, and banners to perform any working purposes. It has many important dynamic tools, its interface is amazing anyone can easily work with the using of their interface.

What Can We Do In Corel Draw?

  • We can design logos, banners, beautiful greeting cards, brochures etc.
  • Create any custom shape and pictures.
  • We can create custom designs or brochures in Urdu.
  • We can make visiting cards as well as business cards.
  • Flex designing.
  • We can make Packing of the product like boxes etc.
  • Press market works in Urdu and designing of advertisement banners.

corel draw x4 video tutorials

Features and Environment:

Corel Draw has many versions and all versions contain their different tools, menus, color plate, standard buttons, and title bar but there are not a big difference of its version interfaces. As you knows that we have going to learn in this section about Corel Draw x4 so we will talk about Corel Draw x4. It has many tools like pick, shape, free hand pick, smudge brush, free transform, swear, trill, attract, repel, crop, eraser and much more so we will use their tools for create vectors & custom graphics.

Watch Video Tutorials Soon Of Corel Draw x4:

We will discuss in these video tutorials about its interface, menus, worked with some tools to teach our viewers and design a project for trying to clearing concept of this software. Please watch it carefully and if you find it helpful then give your feedback because your feedback is important for us.


Graphics is a very important part of our basic needed for example if we have a website so it is goes to be important to design graphics to the website. Corel Draw x4 can solve our all problems of any kinds of graphics designing. It is a professional program to performs working with text and editing graphics. Students, teachers, artist anyone can use it for creating something new or different.

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