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Hello Every Buddy! My name is Mohammad Ahsan Ali. I have Created an Web Designing Course and this Course contains some Web Programming Languages like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In this course i have included all details about it with practically from screen recording software with high quality Video Tutorials. In this Course you have a golden chance to learn all about Web Designing with three languages with very easy Urdu and Hindi languages. In this Course I included Website Projects to share experience about creating something new.

web designing course

I am working online since last one year and giving free training by videos and in my blog many free Courses are available, but I spend four to five months for creating this course for making something unique so this course will gives you a lot of experience about Web Designing.

Note: When you buy this or every Course from us in DVD than we will give you these Courses Updated Versions absolutely free.

Course Information

Course Content:


Introduction of html
First html page
Structure of html
Headings and paragraph
Inserting links
Basic tags
Fonts in html
Images in html
Div tag
Inserting videos
Tables in html
Forms in html
Ordered and unordered list
Iframes in html
Comments in html
Concept Of HTML5


Introduction of CSS
CSS Methods
CSS Properties
Styling images
Styling links
Styling list
Borders in CSS
Border radius in CSS
Text Shadows
Box Model
Margins Padding
Positioning in CSS
Float and align
Display properties
Outlines in CSS
Columns in CSS
Ids in CSS
Compound classes
Animations in CSS
Custom Shapes
Cursors in CSS
Picture Gallery in CSS
Grouping Selectors


Introduction of JavaScript
Adding javascript to webpage
Creating first script
Javascript comments
External javascript
Data types in javascript
Using html tags in javascript
Popup boxes
Math operators
Assigning operators
If statement
Comparison operators
Else if statement
Logical operators
Nested if and else if statement
Switch statement
For loop
Nested looping
While loop
Do while loop
Creating functions
Multiple parameters
Return function
Calculation function
Break and continue function
Local and global variable
Event handler
Introduction to OOP programming
Creating an object
Arrays in javascript
Array function
String function
Setinterval settimout
Clear interval clear timout

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